Tennis Tickets – The Winds of Change

by EricDrouant on June 28, 2013 updated June 28, 2013



The world of tennis is about to change and fans who love their tennis tickets will have to ride with the wind. It’s an evolution. The names of the past have faded into history. Names like Borg and Connors and McEnroe. What we’re seeing now is the same thing that happened to those great names. It’s startling, the way that tennis stars can fade. But in the end it’s an inevitable process. The once great become the past and new names arise.

That process was in fully evident at Wimbledon in the past few days. Shocking maybe in it’s suddenness but taking the long view, maybe not so much. We have now watched two of the most prominent names in tennis take early exits from Wimbledon. A purview of what may happen in the US Open in a few weeks. Roger Federer has been eliminated at Wimbledon. Federer is now on the wrong side of 30 years old, a time period that seems to be the cutoff point for championship level tennis. He won’t see the last week of Wimbledon.

Rafael Nadal, the long time nemesis of Federer, won’t be there either. Nadal was eliminated yesterday by Steve Darcis, who isn’t even in the Top 100 of Tennis. Age plays a role, along with an ailing knee that seemed to be getting better but when put to the test of Wimbledon grass simply wouldn’t hold up.

I’m quite sure this isn’t the last we’ve seen of these two. There will be bursts of power, perhaps even at the US Open. But we will soon see the eventual winding down of a power structure that has served tennis well. But fear not tennis fans, a new power structure will emerge, a new set of names will rise, and new rivalries will grow. Where they’ll come from we have yet to find out. But tennis will be well served and a new era will blossom. It’s just the way it is.